Endo Launches PREVDUO™ (neostigmine methylsulfate and glycopyrrolate injection), the First and Only FDA-Approved Neostigmine-Glycopyrrolate Combination Pre-Filled Syringe

Endo International plc (OTC: ENDPQ) announced that its Par Sterile Products business has begun shipping PREVDUO (neostigmine methylsulfate and glycopyrrolate injection) pre-filled syringe, the first and only FDA-approved neostigmine–glycopyrrolate combination product in the U.S.

“This is the latest way we’re addressing operational and clinical challenges in order to support patient care,” said Scott Sims, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Injectable Solutions & Generics at Endo. “With two medications in one ready-to-use syringe, PREVDUO reduces complexity and increases efficiency for hospitals and healthcare providers.”

Both neostigmine methylsulfate and glycopyrrolate have been approved in the U.S. as single, active ingredient drug products. Neostigmine is always administered in conjunction with glycopyrrolate and, until now, its administration has required two syringes.

In April, Endo executed an agreement with Slayback Pharma LLC to distribute PREVDUO on an exclusive basis in the U.S.

Ready-to-use, or RTU, products streamline operations for hospitals by eliminating the need to prepare or transfer the product before patient administration. This may reduce waste and costs, optimize convenience and workflow and reduce the chance for preparation error—all of which support quality patient care.

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