Advanced Clinical Practitioner

A career guide from the RCS

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Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation

The APSF's Mission is to improve continually the safety of patients during anesthesia care by encouraging and conducting: safety research and education; patient safety programs and campaigns; national and international exchange of information and ideas.

Anaesthetic Drug Crib Sheet

PDF Download.

Anaesthesia Handbook

PDF Download.

Biomedical Search

BioMedSearch is a biomedical search engine that contains NIH/PubMed documents, plus a large collection of theses, dissertations, and other publications not found anywhere else for free, making it the most comprehensive free search on the web.

Checklist for Anaesthetic Equipment (2012)

Consent for Anaesthesia (2017)

Current Concepts in the Management of the Difficult Airway

Management of the difficult airway remains one of the most relevant and challenging tasks for anesthesia care providers. This review focuses on several of the alternative airway management devices/techniques and their clinical applications, with particular emphasis on the difficult or failed airway. It includes descriptions of many new airway devices, several of which have been included in the ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm.

Emergency Airway Management

4 part blog series

Essays on Operating Theatre Service Improvements

There are tons of free term papers and essays on Operating Theatre Service Improvements on CyberEssays.com. We also have a wide variety of research papers and book reports available to you for free. You can browse our collection of term papers or use our search engine.

Guide To Managing Medical Waste Disposal

Regulations covering medical waste disposal were formed in the 1980s in response to an alarming trend of infectious healthcare waste material from ending up in the regular solid waste stream.

HSIB Design and Safe Use of Portable Oxygen Systems - Summary Report

PDF. November 2018.

Inital Output

Online video. The Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon.

Investigating for Improvement – building a national safety investigator for Healthcare

This thought paper explores how healthcare systems can develop a system-wide approach to investigating and learning from the most serious patient safety issues, and examines the organisational infrastructure that is needed to support this.

London Procurement Partnership

LPP is a membership organisation, founded and funded by NHS organisations. We support the NHS to make the most of its purchasing power to maximise investment in patient care - helping deliver the highest quality services while at the same time ensuring value for money.

MedRegs Blog

MHRA has launched an official blog providing expert insight into the latest regulatory thinking and all aspects of medicines regulation.
If you're working to develop and submit applications to MHRA for marketing authorisations and clinical trial authorisations, then you need to keep up to date with the latest regulatory thinking and be able to easily avoid common pitfalls.


Follow the journey of an ODP, the trails and tribulations.

Operating Department Skills

Reference for Operating Theatre students.


A UK based, international project created out of the desire to advance the role of the FOAMed (Free Open Access to Medical Education) to everyone involved in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine.
The website focuses on delivering ‘infograms’, or small graphic tutorials on topics pertinent to these fields; aiming to distill complicated topics into short ‘bytes'. There are nearly one hundred infographics to peruse and learn from. Another main pursuit is the YouTube channel which covers a wide variety of content.

Protecting Patient's Private Health Information Against Data Breaches
2017 Academic Resource

In 2015, one-third of Americans experienced breaches in their health care data and this trend continues to grow year-over-year, proving the need for stronger security measures within health care systems.

Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG)

Safety notification: Fire Safety on Intensive Care and in Operating Theatre.

Skills In Medicine

This is the demo version of the web-based program 'Skills In Medicine' (SIM).

Suspended from Duty

Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions & Exclusions in the NHS.

Take a Virtual Operating Theatre Tour from Bender

Experience Bender's operating theatre 3D virtual tour. Take a 360-degree journey through the state-of-the-art demonstration operating theatre. This panoramic tour brings the theatre to life through your chosen technology.
Embark on a journey and explore Bender UK theatre technology. Experience and view Bender clinical pendants, new glass and traditional stainless theatre control panels, alarm panels, Merivaara Q-Flow lights and Promerix table and Jones AV systems as if you are really there.

The "DNACPR" form and end of life decisions

This is a really difficult blog and a difficult subject for many patients and their families (and Doctors too). Rather than typing out a long blog, we'd like, instead, to show you this excellent short film by Dr Mark Taubert and colleagues at "TalkCPR".

The Doctor Who Championed Hand-Washing and Briefly Saved Lives

This is the story of a man whose ideas could have saved a lot of lives and spared countless numbers of women and newborns' feverish and agonizing deaths.

The Extended Surgical Team

How hospitals around the UK are using the extended surgical team to improve patient care. PDF.

The LGBTQ+ Guide to Online Safety

Most LGBTQ are Cyberbullied. Here’s How to Stay Safe Online

The New ER REBOA Catheter

Online video.

Theatre Practitioners - a one-stop resource for operating theatre practitioners

Operating Theatre Practitioners use and manage a wide range of medicines and medical devices. This page has been specifically adapted to the needs of operating theatre practitioners. It includes guidance, safety alerts and links to educational material to assist operating theatre practitioners in the safe use and management of medicines and medical devices.

Virtual Tour of The Royal College of Surgeons of England

World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists

The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) is a unique organization in that it is a society of societies. By virtue of membership in a national society, an anesthesiologist is automatically a member of WFSA.

World Community Grid

World Community Grid

World Community Grid brings people together from across the globe to create the largest non-profit computing grid benefiting humanity. It does this by pooling surplus computer processing power. We believe that innovation combined with visionary scientific research and large-scale volunteerism can help make the planet smarter. Our success depends on like-minded individuals – like you.

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The Operating Theatre Journal, OTJ, is published monthly and distributed to every hospital operating theatre department in the UK. The distribution includes both the National Health Service and the Private Sector.

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