NHS Wales Rolls Out Connected Healthcare to Over 4 Million People with Fiorano

Fiorano ITK Framework Provides Digital Foundation Facilitating Healthcare Delivery.

NHS Wales Rolls Out Connected Healthcare to Over 4 Million People with Fiorano

The system combines the benefits of centralized management with the efficiency of distributed architectures enabling efficient, scalable implementations in cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise and on-premise-to-on-premise environments.

Fiorano Software, a leading Enterprise Middleware and API Management specialist, has announced that National Health Service (NHS) Wales, UK has implemented the Fiorano ITK Framework to integrate its national systems across the seven health boards of Wales serving over 4 million people.

Digital services are playing an increasingly vital role in how patients receive services and the NHS operates. Achieving interoperability for its stakeholders through Fiorano enables digital innovation across the service for the right care access, at the right time, in the right place with best outcomes for patients,” said Richard Last, Director at Connect4Care Ltd. who was responsible for implementing the Fiorano ITK Framework at NHS.

NHS Wales supports doctors and clinical professionals providing specialist care to patients in hospitals and General practices and includes boards such as the Welsh Clinical Portal, Cancer Screening, Laboratory Test Requesting and Results Reporting. Fiorano’s ITK Framework provided NHS the capability to manage complex health information integrations across a wide geographical area. Its main use is currently by the Velindre Cancer Centre. Healthcare professionals across Wales can now access cancer patient’s information, previously available only to Cancer Network Information System Cymru (CaNISC) users. The Case Note Summary from CaNISC includes multidisciplinary team diagnosis, proposed treatments, and a system-generated summary of the patient’s cancer record. The Fiorano ITK Framework, an ITK Certified for integration with existing Healthcare Systems within the NHS, is built on Fiorano’s Hybrid Integration Platform with support for high-speed, reliable messaging and healthcare protocol standards.

Source: Fiorano

NHS Wales Rolls Out Connected Healthcare to Over 4 Million People with Fiorano
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