NHS Website Clinical Content Modularised for Better Syndication

The most popular 250 pages of clinically assured content on the NHS website can now be used more flexibly, thanks to the next stage of the existing syndication programme.

NHS Website Clinical Content Modularised for Better Syndication

Rather than having to use a full page of information about a condition, syndicators can use a smaller section which has been pre-approved for stand-alone use and which gives them more flexibility, including across different technologies and devices, ensuring that the public gets access to the specific information that they need.

The project is the next stage of the existing syndication programme for the NHS website, which already sees over 2,000 organisations use content from the site, to give users access to accurate information about illnesses, symptoms and treatments.

The project makes it clear which content can be used as stand-alone pieces of information (for example, information about symptoms, self care and medical treatments) and defines which sections should always be used unedited, as a coherent whole (for example a list of symptoms).

NHS website content is available for any organisation to publish under the Open Government Licence. There are also additional terms of use for content taken directly from the NHS website (NHS website terms of use) or from our API or widgets (NHS syndication terms of use).

For the public it allows them to access content from the NHS website from more places and however they choose to search for health information. This means that the information they get back from the site they choose to use is clinically safe, up to date, accurate and searchable however they choose.

Robert Cleary, Associate Director for the NHS website says: “Organisations have been using NHS website content in a similar way for some time and it really helps patients and NHS staff to know that people are receiving accurate health information when they search online. This project will make the information on the NHS website more flexible, so it is easier for syndicators to use it appropriately.”

Source: NHS Digital

NHS Website Clinical Content Modularised for Better Syndication
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