PG Diploma in Clinical Education (Level 7): Healthcare Skills and Essential Guides return to the Møller Centre

Healthcare Skills and Essential Guides return to the Møller Centre.

With a professional responsibility for clinical education, it is helpful to have the PG Diploma in Clinical Education.

This qualification focuses on developing, practicing and improving your teaching skills in your specific area of expertise. 

Delegates registering for this short-course qualification will be professionals who have Accredited Prior Learning (APL) or Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). that is verifiable, at degree level or above.

Issued by Eduqual – this qualification maps directly to guidance for postgraduate medical education referenced by the General Medical Council (GMC) via the Framework for the Professional Development of Postgraduate Medical Supervisors. The GMC’s Generic Standards for Training require that doctors with additional designated educational roles must demonstrate ability as effective trainers.

The qualification is delivered through formal presentations, structured delegate participation and clinical skills sessions administered and facilitated by clinical educators with the defining experience and qualifications.

The key elements formally assessed are:

• Education theory

• Effective lecturing/presentation skills

• Ability to instruct participants to teach effectively

• Teaching a clinical skill

• Education session plan

• The art of critique and appraisal

The course utilises blended learning techniques, including an online pre-course component, a two-day classroom-based practical session and a post-course online written assessment. It enables delegates to improve their ability to present, instruct and demonstrate clinical/technical skills to others.

Previous presentations of the course have received high praise from medical professionals who have attended.


· “The course included excellent practical experience of structuring micro-teaching sessions effectively.”

· “The most significant things I learned were teaching methods, micro-teaching and mannerisms.”

· “I will do so many things differently as a result of this course; as a result, I will be much clearer in my presentational structuring.”

· “This is a VERY useful course, and very enjoyable. A good mixture between practical and listening.”

The PG Dip in Clinical Education, has been approved by EduQual as being commensurate with Level 7 (Postgraduate) Qualifications in the United Kingdom.

This course is a vocational qualification and is open only to those who have recognised prior learning in their specialty and have a responsibility for support or training i.e. a medical, nursing or healthcare-related degree.

Join HC Skills and Essential Guides at the Møller Centre at Cambridge University on 26-27th of September, 2019.

Healthcare Skills and Essential Guides return to the Møller Centre
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