Government continues to listen to patients and health professionals

Prime Minister David Cameron and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley committed to continue listening to patients and health professionals on the future of the health service.


The independent NHS Future Forum, the group of the countrys top health experts who led the Listening Exercise on the Governments plans to modernise the NHS, is to continue its work listening to NHS staff, patients and the public.

The Government today announced that the group, led by GP Professor Steve Field, would focus on four new areas:

  • Education and training: How to make sure there are the right incentives and accountabilities for developing the NHS workforce to deliver world-class health care;
  • Information: How information can be made to improve health, care and wellbeing;
  • Integrated care: How to take advantage of the health and care modernisation programme to ensure services are better integrated around people's needs; and
  • Public health: How to ensure the publics health remains at the heart of the NHS.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

The NHS Future Forum provided us with invaluable feedback from patients and NHS staff on how best we can protect our health service against the pressures it will face in the future,

Professor Steve Field and his team worked tirelessly this summer and our plans to modernise the NHS are stronger as a result.

I look forward to the insight the NHS Future Forum will be able to provide on these new and important areas and I am sure, with their expertise on board, we will be able to deliver the truly world-class health service were all striving for.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said:

The work of the NHS Future Forum has been invaluable in helping shape our plans for improving the health service. It gave us the opportunity to address head on the concerns people had helping to make the NHS more modern, dynamic and innovative.

Following its report, I accepted all the core recommendations on issues like competition and local commissioning. Im delighted that the NHS Future Forum will continue its excellent work with patients, service users and professionals, looking at important issues such as education and training, and ensuring we work towards an improved healthcare system.

Chair of the independent NHS Future Forum Professor Steve Field said:

If we want the health and care system to change and meet the challenges of the future, then it is essential that we make sure that the thoughts and concerns of clinicians and, importantly, patients and service users, are listened to.

With a broader membership across health and social care and a defined focus, I believe the NHS Future Forum will stimulate important debate on issues that really matter to people.

The independent NHS Future Forum will report back to Ministers later this year.

To help the independent NHS Future Forum with its work, the Department of Health today published the summary of responses on the education and training and information consultations launched last year.

To find out more about the modernisation of health and care, click here.
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