Patient Was Accidentally Tipped Off the Operating Table onto the FLOOR During Surgery in 'never event' at Major Hospital

A patient slid off an operating table and fell onto the floor during surgery at a major hospital.
Ten medics and nurses were gathered around the anaesthetised patient who was undergoing an undisclosed procedure at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.
But nobody failed to stop the patient slipping to the floor as the surgeon tilted the operating table to get better access.


Restraints meant to secure the patient had not been tied and a sheet was covering the gel pads which are designed to help grip the body.

A second potentially-deadly failure at the same hospital saw a surgical swab left inside the abdominal cavity of another patient.

It was only discovered five days later when the casualty was given an X-ray to investigate abnormal swelling.

They had to undergo a further op to remove the foreign object, causing complications that led to two stints in intensive care, one of which was 'extended'.

The two 'never events' came within weeks of each other last May at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

NHS Lothian admitted 'a number of other incidents' had occurred in recent months, leading to separate investigations.

And they said they found that staff were commonly distracted by mobile phones and gossip during operations.

Around 1,200 staff in the region are to get urgent training in conduct during operations.

Dr Nikki Maran, associate medical director with NHS Lothian, said: 'We are obviously extremely disappointed that this has happened in operating theatres in NHS Lothian.

'We call these sort of incidents 'never events', not because they never happen, but because they should never be allowed to happen.

'We are planning to deal with them in a way that doesn't just look at focusing on individuals, rather on looking at the whole system, which is likely to be a much more comprehensive way of addressing safety.'

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said NHS Lothian had assured them they had apologised to the patients and taken action 'to ensure there is no repeat'.

She added: 'Unfortunately mistakes can happen. Where they do we expect health boards to act swiftly and ensure lessons are learnt to prevent incidents happening again.'


Source: MailOnline



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