NHS Student Nurse Launches Charity Song to Promote Compassion in Healthcare

Samuel McPhail, a student nurse at the University of Bradford, yesterday launched a charity single to promote the 6Cs of quality healthcare care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment and to help staff remember them.


The launch coincided with International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingales birthday on 12 May a time to reflect on decades of professionalism in nursing and a renewed focus on compassion in every instance of care.

The Care Makers Song is being released on Itunes and promoted through social media (Twitter: @nhsemployers, @CareMakersUK; Facebook: Facebook: CareMakersUK). All proceedings will go to his chosen Yorkshire Cancer Care charity which is also supported by another proponent of the 6Cs Dr Kate Granger. Dr Granger's #hellomynameis campaign has spread throughout the NHS and promotes the importance of clinical staff introducing themselves to patients at each contact.

Dr Granger has terminal cancer but continues to work as an elderly medicine registrar. She  started a campaign on Twitter asking NHS staff to make a pledge to introduce themselves in future to their patients

Samuel's catchy song was produced at no cost with the assistance of NHS Employers, NHS England  and  Jonathan Wright - a professional composer and film maker who volunteered his time as thanks for the compassionate care he received following a heart attack last Christmas.

Samuel is one of over 1,000 Care Makers - NHS staff who volunteer to promote and embody the 6Cs laid down in NHS Englands Compassion in Practice three-year strategy in December 2012. The Care Makers programme is run by NHS Employers with NHS England and began expanding beyond nursing into medicine and other areas in March this year.

Samuel MacPhail

Samuel McPhail said:

This came about by accident and I can hardly believe how it's grown. It began as a rhyme Id invented to help me remember the 6Cs, then it became a song. You could say I got talent-spotted while using it in a meeting!

This really comes from the heart as both my young niece and the songs producer Jonathan were treated for life-threatening illnesses. We and our families are indebted to NHS staff for giving compassionate, personal care at a time when we felt most vulnerable.

NHS staff do great work but the days can be busy and challenging, so its important to remind ourselves of the personal touches and strong values that make care great. Here's where the roles of the Care Maker and Compassion in Practice really counts. If this song helps people to consider how they give care, or the kind of care they'd want to receive, then this can only be a good thing. The song also aims to raise money for the Yorkshire Cancer Trust charity which Dr Kate Granger supports and raises money for.

My first passion is always nursing and my focus is on doing well in my exams, but I won't grumble if I get good musical reviews too!

Jonathan Wright said:

I felt scared and vulnerable when I had my heart attack before Christmas last year. Fantastic, attentive NHS care got me ship-shape again, psychologically and physically. That's why I leapt at the chance to help when I learned, through friends at NHS Employers, that there was a chance to promote those important values through a song. I used my technical skills to add choir, orchestra and quality sound to the song and I was also able to swiftly arrange things like placing it on iTunes.

Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, said:

This song celebrates what goes into compassionate care and the important role that Care Makers play in living the 6Cs. I launched the 6Cs and the Care Makers programme in December 2012, and it has been an encouragement and a privilege to see so many examples of the enthusiasm Care Makers have for demonstrating compassion. It is appropriate that the song is being released on International Nurses Day, so that anyone listening to it can take a moment to think of what great nursing is all about. Nursing roles have changed and expanded dramatically over the years, but compassionate care has always been at the heart of a nurse's role.

Karen Charman, director of engagement at the NHS Employers organisation, said:

People are being vocal about the importance of the 6Cs but Samuels taken that to the next level - or octave! Samuel's song isn't a mere stunt he's been a Care Maker since the beginning and puts as much heart and soul into nursing as he does into his music.

Unexpected gems like Samuel's song are a small but useful complement to ongoing work thats driving-up professional standards in the NHS. Compassion, courage and the other 6Cs are important and anything that focuses attention on them even a song can help cement their place in everyday care.



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