UK NHS Redundancy Payouts Hit £1.6bn: Report

The cost of the redundancy payments to National Health Service managers in the UK has hit almost 1.6 billion pounds since Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition government came to power, a report says.


The report published by The Guardian on Saturday said the number is based on the latest Department of Health accounts.

According to the report, the data includes some 4,000 so-called "revolving door" managers, those who left after May 2010 with large redundancy payouts but have since returned to the NHS on either full-time or part-time contracts.

The report also showed that, since Cameron's government came into power in 2010 and launched its sweeping reorganization, 38,419 "exit packages" have been agreed for NHS staff to a total amount of 1.588 billion pounds.

A report shows that the cost of NHS managers' redundancy payments has hit almost 1.6 billion pounds. (File photo)
A report shows that the cost of NHS managers' redundancy payments has hit almost 1.6 billion pounds. (File photo)

Among those who received packages last year were some 237 managers, with payoffs of between 100,000 and 150,000 pounds and 83 others who received between 150,000 and 200,000 pounds, as well as another 40 who were handed over 200,000 pounds.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham commented on the figures, saying the payouts are contributing to a financial crisis in the NHS.

"This scandalous waste cannot be justified when older people are being denied essential hip and cataract operations and when cancer patients are waiting longer for treatment," said Burnham, adding, "It amounts to mismanagement of the NHS on a mammoth scale and a government with its priorities seriously wrong."

The report follows a warning by senior British conservatives last month that the NHS is in danger of collapse if no significant increase is made in health service spending. The group warned Cameron that the NHS must receive an extra 15 billion pounds over the next five years if it is to function properly.

Over 7,000 NHS clinical staff members, including doctors and nurses, have been made redundant since 2010, when the government launched spending cuts to contain the deepening budget shortfall.

Source: PressTV



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