Smith & Nephew launches the EVOS™ MINI Plating System for Complex Long Bone Fractures at Orthopaedic Trauma Association Meeting

Smith & Nephew,the global medical technology business, has launched its new EVOS MINI Plating System for use in complex fractures of the long bones of the arms and legs. Designed specifically for traumatologists, this long-bone-specific system includes the variety of mini, flat plates and screw sizes necessary to address both fracture reduction and short-term fixation while the final, load-bearing repair is being completed.


EVOS◊ MINI Plating System. Designed specifically for traumatologists. For use in complex fractures of the long bones of the arms & legs

A growing trend among traumatologists involves reducing long bone fractures using a mini fragment system designed for either the hand or foot. However, because the plates in these traditional systems are designed for the more rounded shape of the body's small bones, surgeons often have to modify the plates. Additionally, because they are meant to be used on the smaller, thinner bones of the hand and foot, the screws designed for these systems are often too short to use in larger, dense long bones like the thigh or forearm.

"Simply put, the right tools make any job easier," explains Brad Cannon, President, Endoscopy, Trauma and Extremities for Smith & Nephew. "With our new EVOS MINI Plating System, surgeons now have a robust, small plating system designed specifically for the challenging size and shape of long bones."     

Organized into a single tray, each EVOS MINI Plating System includes three different, color-coded, size modules that offer a variety of up to eight low-profile plate geometries. Along with the plates, each module also offers the instrumentation for implementing the corresponding low-profile screw options for cortical, cancellous and osteopenic bone. With sizes up to 80mm, the system's screws also offer variable-angle locking technology which allows placement of a locking screw up to 15-degrees off-axis.

"The set design is optimized to follow the flow of surgery," said Dr William Ricci, Chief of Orthopaedic Trauma at Washington University in St. Louis. "Surgeons and nurses will appreciate that all the plate options are easy to see in a single tray and the color-coding helps quickly locate the corresponding instruments and screws in their modular caddy. The simplicity of the system goes even further by introducing a unique, stair-step design for its screw caddy that assures all screws loaded are the appropriate size; potentially reducing errors in central supply by eliminating the need to measure each screw."

Surgeons wanting to see the EVOS MINI Plating System first-hand can visit the Smith & Nephew booth (#302) at this week's Orthopaedic Trauma Association meeting.


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