HCPC Launches Consultation on HCPC Registration Fees

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has launched a consultation on proposals to increase its registration fees in 2015.



In the consultation, the Council is proposing an increase in the renewal fee from £80 to £90 per year with effect from 1 August 2015. The Council is also proposing a similar level of increases to the other fees it charges.

This increase has been instigated following the Government’s decision that the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) will be funded by the regulators’ it oversees and the fees charged will be calculated by registrant numbers. We are compelled to review our fee levels in order to be able to fund this substantial increase to our costs.

The remainder of the increase is needed to ensure that we continue to perform as an effective and efficient regulator through investment in IT systems, introducing dedicated quality control systems and managing fitness to practise processes.

As an independent regulator we are self-financing with our operating costs funded entirely by the professionals on our Register. We do not receive any regular funding from the Government and we do not hold large reserves. The proposed renewal fee would still be the lowest of all the regulators overseen by the PSA and around a third less than the next highest fee.

Marc Seale, HCPC’s Chief Executive and Registrar said:

“We are very aware that our costs are funded entirely from the fees our registrants pay. We do our utmost to ensure we operate our processes as efficiently as possible. However we anticipate that the PSA funding will initially amount to approximately £1 million per annum based on current registration numbers. We are disappointed by the decision because we believe it has a disproportionate impact on our registrants and the fees they pay.

“The consultation sets out where the registrants’ fees are spent and why the increases are needed. It also highlights how these increases compare to our existing fees, provides information on our financial performance and shows how the proposed increase compares with other regulators. We are and will remain the lowest fee of all independent UK health and care regulators.”

The consultation will run from 27 March until 6 May 2015. HCPC would normally consult for 12 weeks but are consulting for a shorter period to ensure that any changes to our fees are in place at the same time as the Regulations referred to above come into force.

If the proposals are adopted the changes to the fees would be effective from 1 August 2015. Existing registrants would pay the new renewal fee when their profession next renews its registration.



Source: HCPC



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