Pupils Scrub Up for Realistic Operating Theatre Event in Ulverston

Pupils got scrubbed up for a realistic medical experience when a school hall was transformed into an operating theatre.


Ulverston Victoria High School had an Operating Theatre Live event in the school hall

Young surgeons and health care professionals in the making attended Operating Theatre-Live at Ulverston Victoria High School.

Over two days UVHS Year 10 to Year 12 pupils, and Year 10s from Furness Academy, Walney and Chetwynde schools worked with anatomists to dissect a range of pig organs and tissues in a realistic-as-possible operating theatre setting.

The groups dissected pig brains, removed eyes, fitted stents and pacemakers in hearts. They also fully investigated the digestive system and calculated anesthetic dosages. Year 12 pupils also looked at amputations.

The event is designed to give pupils an experience as close to reality as possible in order to encourage them to aspire to and realise their aspirations within the health care sector.

This was the first Cumbria event for the nationally acclaimed Operating Theatre-Live. The programme was created by Samuel Piri a successful science teacher, STEM coordinator, head of science and director of teacher training. Mr Piri studied the anatomy of the human body in Sheffield and later went on to complete his teacher training at the University of Manchester.

The UVHS event was also attended by consultant surgeons Panna Patel and Christine Bronder of University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust who were able to assist the pupils.

UVHS has established a new extra-curricular group this year called Vic Medics. The group, organised by Rebecca Hodgson, the head of science, aims to widen pupils' perception and understanding of career pathways within the health sector.

The Vic Medics group meet on a weekly basis to complete dissections and extension practicals. The school has hosted a range of local medical professionals including a consultant paediatrician, consultant gynaecologist, consultant gastroenterologist, radiographer and an optician, all giving advice of their chosen career paths and different case studies. The visitors have also included veterinary students and a talk from ex-student Josh Callon, who is in his second year studying Medicine at university.

Mrs Hodgson said: "It was a great and really unique event.

"All the students were really motivated. It made them want to pursue careers in medicine and health care."


Source: North-West Evening Mail



Pupils Scrub Up for Realistic Operating Theatre Event in Ulverston

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