One in 10 Young Doctors Demonstrate 'explicitly unprofessional behaviour' Online

Findings from a new study have led to concerns about the professional behaviours of some new doctors.


One in 10 Young Doctors Demonstrate 'explicitly unprofessional behaviour' Online

As part of the study, published in BJU International, authors examined the Facebook profiles of 201 urologists with publicly identifiable Facebook profiles. They found 40 per cent of these included unprofessional or potentially objectionable content, including 27 profiles (13 per cent) with explicitly unprofessional behaviour, such as depictions of intoxication, uncensored profanity, unlawful behaviour, and confidential patient information. When unprofessional content was found, the content was self-authored in 82 per cent of categories. No differences in content were found between men and women.

The authors said, while most participants consider their social media accounts, to be strictly for personal use, “the increased visibility and accessibility of social media content by the public, including patients, colleagues and employers, make these concerns increasingly relevant to practising urologists”.

They said the findings highlight a need for young doctors to have increased awareness of their online identities. The authors added that standards of professionalism should be expanded to include the use of social media. They added that encouraging doctors to understand and self-monitor their interactions, both online and offline, may be a sustainable approach to contemporary professionalism.


Koo, K et al. Unprofessional content on Facebook accounts of US urology residency graduates. BJU International. 2017 April 09 [Cited 2017 April 11] DOI: 10.1111/bju.13846
Available here.


Source: univadis



One in 10 Young Doctors Demonstrate 'explicitly unprofessional behaviour' Online

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