What is the Naylor Report?

The Naylor Review or Naylor Report is a set of asset efficiency recommendations by Sir Robert Naylor – a former NHS leader.


What Is The Naylor Report?​

Summary: the Naylor Report is a 46-page report published on March 31 by Sir Robert Naylor, former boss of the NHS trust that runs University College London Hospital. The Naylor Review looks at how efficiently the NHS uses its land and property. It concludes that some NHS assets should be sold to fund NHS improvement.

The basic message of the Naylor review is that some NHS assets should be sold in order to improve others.

The report firstly highlights that the NHS is under severe financial pressure. The Naylor Review states that the NHS doesn’t have enough money to invest in things like buildings and equipment and the purpose of the report is so see if property can be used more effectively.

The report makes the controversial recommendation that selling some of the property may be the best thing to do when looking at a sale v cost to maintain systems.

The report estimates £2.7 billion could be made from the sale of these assets - more if things like planning permission went the right way.

There is no suggestion in the report that this is intended [or] would affect existing NHS services. Although the primary criticism of the report is that its success would depend on how well the report is implemented and if funds would be used to improve currently services.

Theresa May confirmed in an interview that the government supported the independent review’s recommendations.

You can read the Naylor Report on the Gov.UK website – be warned, at 41 pages, it’s not exactly bedtime reading.


Source: NursingNotes



What Is The Naylor Report?​

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