The OTJ February 2021

Consultation on a Revised Threshold Level of Qualification for Entry to the Register (SET 1) for Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs)

Scientists Use Novel Ink to 3D-print ‘Bone’ with Living Cells

Nationwide Survey Highlights Concerns over Patient Safety and Poor Communication in the Perioperative Workplace

Scientists Use Novel Ink to 3D-print ‘Bone’ with Living Cells

Magnet and Button Battery Ingestion in Children

Sheffield Gastroenterologist Receives International Accolade for Research

South Wales-based Maxillofacial Surgeon Lindsay White Wins Surgeon of the Year 2020 Award


Temperature Scanners of Limited Value in Detecting COVID-19Stress-related Absence up 64% in 2020 as COVID-19 Exacerbates the UK’s Mental Health CrisisEconomist Intelligence Unit Report Calls for more Diverse Hygiene Research

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