The OTJ September 2021

The Effect of Metabolic Syndrome Traits on Atherosclerosis Can Be Reduced by Increasing Cardiorespiratory Fitness Already in Childhood

NIHR-funded Study Shows Patients Who Isolate Before Surgery Are 20% More Likely to Develop Postoperative Lung Complications

New Body to Tackle Health Disparities Will Launch 1 October, Co-headed by New Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Scientists Grow Contracting Muscle Cells from Human Blood

HCPC Launches Consultation on Permanent Changes to Rules to Hold Remote Hearings

Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch Makes Over 1,500 Recommendations to NHS Trusts After Hundreds of Serious Maternity Incidents

Middlesbrough Hospital Opens Two New Laparoscopic Theatres

Mum and Son Work Together in Same Department at West Cumberland Hospital

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