The 15th Royal Marsden Opioid, Cannabinoid & Gabapentinoid Conference

24-25 November, London

The last couple of years have been challenging for all and has changed our
perception of normality.
We have run the Royal Marsden Hospital Opioid Conference successfully
for 14 years and continuously allowed it to change and adjust to the times,
incorporating germane and contemporaneous developments in the field. In
the last few years, we have adapted and evolved to incorporate other pivotal
areas that are to be considered in any meaningful treatise of opioids.
This will ensure that we do not examine opioids in isolation but investigate
two other major pharmacological treatment groups that some would
consider to be potentially the most likely opioid alternatives. It is
imperative that we examine these non-opioids so that we do not allow the
demonisation of opioids to force us to embrace cannabinoids and
gabapentinoids as the saviours of analgesia before we have had a chance to
forensically examine their benefit and possible harms.
This year we have decided to deliver our conference in – person, with a
couple of international speakers presenting remotely and our star returning
speakers, back by popular demand.
The conference will not only examine the good, the bad and the ugly facts
about these ‘-oid’ agents but also give some empirical framework to educate
us on the practicalities of ‘opioids, cannabinoids and gabapentinoids’. As
usual, we will be offering up to date discussions with talks concerning the
contemporaneous issues of these drugs from experts in this field.


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