9th Annual FPC Conference: The Role of the Extended Surgical Team in the Digital World

7 October 2023


The programme of esteemed speakers will bring together aspects of surgical patient care in the digital era, explore professional development and consider the importance of self-care. The in-person conference will provide you with the opportunity to network with those in similar roles, and build your knowledge of a vast range of topics related to your role in Perioperative Care.

This meeting is open to all perioperative practitioners, as well as surgeons who work closely with advanced practitioners (e.g. Surgical Care Practitioners, Surgical First Assistants, Physician Associates and Operating Department Practitioners) and have an interest in the future of the surgical team.

The Conference will provide a face-to-face learning experience for perioperative non-medical practitioners working across the spectrum of different surgical specialties; enabling you to meet, and hear discuss and debate from a range of speakers on the theme of The Role of the Extended Surgical Team in the Digital World.


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