Green Health Wales: Virtual Conference

A Network for Sustainable Healthcare in Wales

The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis

Green Health Wales is a network of healthcare professionals in clinical, non-clinical, administrative, support and managerial roles across Wales who recognise that the climate and ecological emergency is a health emergency.

Green Health Wales Launch

We aim to Connect, Learn & Transform; to connect across Wales, transcending geographical borders while supporting cross-departmental collaboration. We aim to learn more and empower everyone in the health and social care sector in Wales with the tools and knowledge to address the climate crisis – transforming health care to be climate smart.

Our vision is sustainable healthcare that protects the health of people and the planet; the two are inextricably linked. We recognise that healthcare must play an active role in limiting global temperature rise. Find out more about us.

We invite you to connect by your location or speciality, to learn from our collection of resources, and to get inspired by others in working in healthcare across Wales to deliver your own transformational project.

Green Health Wales: The Launch

Do you work in the healthcare sector in Wales? Are you concerned about the planetary health emergency? Do you want to find out what you can do and how to get support?

Join us for our free virtual conference on Tuesday 29th June 2021 where we will be launching Green Health Wales: a day of Raising Awareness, Building Will, and Transferring Skill.

The morning begins with expert speakers outlining the link between the climate and health crisis, and the healthcare response required to address the biggest threat to global health of the 21st century.

We will then share learning from both local Welsh initiatives and global sustainable healthcare projects across a breadth of speciality areas.

The afternoon offers workshops from which you can choose, aimed to equip you with the information and skill to start your own sustainable project, and to grow your idea to meet the challenges and ambitions set out by the NHS Wales Decarbonisation Strategic Delivery Plan.

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