NHS Scotland Decontamination Seminar

Health Facilities Scotland (a part of NHS Scotland Assure) is delighted to invite you to the NHS Scotland Decontamination Seminar, which takes place at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel (formerly the Beardmore) on May 17th 2023.

This event provides the opportunity for us to listen, learn and discuss with experts from Scotland, UK and the International community. We are planning to cover decontamination of surgical/primary care instruments including robotic and endoscopes.  A detailed programme will be available in due to course.

NHS Scotland Decontamination Seminar

This event is funded and free to attend for NHS Scotland and Scottish public sector colleagues. Due to limited space in the venue, we encourage you to book as early as possible. Delegate fees for those outside of NHS Scotland and the Scottish public sector are:

  • NHS England and English public sector :: £60+VAT
  • NHS Wales and Welsh public sector :: £60+VAT
  • HSCNI and Northern Irish public sector :: £60+VAT
  • Industry, private healthcare and non UK health or public sector :: £90+VAT

We strongly encourage attendance in person to engage in networking with colleagues and industry from around the country. 

For those unable to travel on the day, there will be free-to-access event streaming – we anticipate this will be by MS Teams.


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