Surgical Smoke Management The New Norm

6 October 2022 | 8AM PST | 10AM CST | 11AM EST | 5PM GMT | 4PM BST

What Will I Learn

The hazards associated with surgical smoke are well documented leading to increasing numbers of regulations and standards on controlling the risks of exposure to surgical team members and the patients in their care. This presentation will discuss the hazards and risks of exposure to surgical plume and the evidence-based standards, legislation, and regulations governing it.
It will also present an 8-step implementation plan for facilities to use, as they develop their strategies for compliance and work towards eliminating exposure to plume from their surgical practice.

By watching this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Review the scientific evidence that validate the health and safety risks of exposure to surgical plume
  • Discuss guidelines, regulations, legislation, and best practices that provide guidance on protection against surgical plume
  • Discuss the steps to take to implement a successful and sustainable surgical plume management program in a healthcare facility

Who should attend:

This course is designed for administrators, health and safety professionals, infection prevention/control personnel, medical, nursing, and technical leadership, and perioperative team members responsible for regulatory compliance, and those who will establish and implement policies and procedures for surgical plume management.


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