The 16th Royal Marsden Opioid, Cannabinoid & Gabapentinoid Conference

Date: 23-24 November 2023

Venue: The Rembrandt Hotel, London SW7 2RS

The Royal Marsden


This event is fully CPD accredited.

The conference will offer up to date discussions with talks concerning the contemporaneous issues of these drugs from experts in this field.

We have adapted and evolved to ensure that we do not examine opioids in isolation but investigate other major pharmacological treatments groups; namely cannabinoids and gabapentinoids. Despite consensus moving away from demonisation of opioids to a more balanced view, deliberation of cannabinoids and gabapentinoids is still important to appreciate their role, benefits, and indeed harms.

Misuse of opioids is well represented on the programme, not to cause fear, but to allow us to fully appreciate the issue in theory and practice.

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