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July 2018

Emergency Day Surgery Summit

9 July 2018, De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

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Emergency Day Surgery Summit

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Day surgery has become the standard of care for the majority of elective surgery. Until recently the drive to move from inpatient to day surgery management has been mainly directed at elective surgery however more recently a variety of trusts across the country have begun to implement day surgery pathways for a range of emergency surgical procedures. This new and exciting development is the focus for this one day meeting.

We will be hearing from trusts across the country who have implemented ground breaking day surgery pathways which have transformed surgical services in ways large and small.

The unprecedented pressure on hospital beds over recent winters has resulted in many patients having surgery cancelled due to lack of beds. Emergency patients may wait days for an opportunity to become available within the emergency theatre for their surgery and those having less urgent surgery are often delayed many times. The development of Ambulatory Emergency Surgery pathways for minor and intermediate surgical procedures provides an excellent pathway for these patients with huge benefits for both the patients and trust. Patients receive more timely treatment in a semi-planned manner and significant numbers of beds can be liberated by the avoidance of unnecessary admission of a large cohort of patients. The day will provide an excellent opportunity for discussion of these issues with experts from BADS and participants from across UK and will be of interest to those with medical, nursing and managerial backgrounds.

We shall hear from centres who have developed dedicated emergency ambulatory units and those where individual pathways have transformed practice. Practical examples of how to set up ambulatory surgical pathways will be shared as well as lectures bringing up to date guidance on the essential components of a day surgery pathway and current advice on patient selection for day surgery.


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Emergency Day Surgery Summit

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