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March 2019

Masterclass: Human Factors and the Operating Theatre - Practical Patient Safety Solutions

22 March 2019, De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

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Masterclass: Human Factors and the Operating Theatre - Practical Patient Safety Solutions

This one day CPD Masterclass will enable delegates to learn the practical application of Human Factors science to help mitigate avoidable error in operating theatres taught by specialists currently practicing in their areas of expertise. 

Our faculty have considerable experience training healthcare professionals in the psychology of human error and in simple error reduction techniques. We use the same approach that High Reliability Organizations (HRO) such as the aviation industry and the railways use to systematically train their staff in error reduction.

Despite the introduction of the World Health Organisation Checklist into operating theatres in 2009, potentially avoidable error remains a challenge. 

Between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017 there were 445 “Never Events” reported of which 189 related to wrong site surgery, 114 retained foreign object post procedure and 53 wrong implant/prosthesis.

The National Safety  Standards for Invassive Procedures (NatSSIPs) recommend “… checklists must be conducted by teams of healthcare professionals who have trained together and who have received appropriate education in the human factors that underpin safe teamwork….”.

Our aim is simple: “ To provide a systematic approach to help mitigate potentially avoidable adverse events through empowering staff to engage in a culture of safety”.

By atending this Masterclass you will:

  • Have gained an introductory level of Human Factors awareness
  • Appreciate that Human Factors Science provides effective solutions to wide range of challenges in operating theatres
  • Be able to suggest your own workable personal strategies 
  • Appreciate the organisation requirements to implement a well-designed Safety Management System to facilitate human factors awareness
  • Develop a positive attitude towards your organisation’s safety procedures
  • Recognise that this is the start of a process that requires ongoing training with learning from annual case reviews


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Masterclass: Human Factors and the Operating Theatre - Practical Patient Safety Solutions

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