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September 2020

Developing your Daycase General Surgery Service

17 September 2020, West One De Vere, London

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Developing your Daycase General Surgery Service

Day surgery is now provided for an increasing range of procedures, in patients ranging from the very fit to the rather frail. It has become the standard of care for many elective surgery procedures and should be the default option for all 200 procedures within the BADS Directory of Procedures.​ We are currently experiencing exceptional times due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. As planned surgery resumes performing as many procedures as possible as a day case has never been more important.

We shall hear about successful day case Laparoscopic Fundoplication and Laparoscopic cholecystectomy pathways.

Additionally, as the principles of ambulatory care are changing we have the National Lead for the Surgical Ambulatory Emergency Care Network and Chairman of the Surgical Same Day Emergency Care group, Mr Arin Saha, speaking on the RCS and NHS England 10 year plan and the minimum standards all acute units in England and Wales will be expected to achieve by March 2021 as well as the models of care around the country. This will include, but not limited to, information on requirements for staffing, consultant rotas and ways to optimise your service.

We will also hear about GIRFT data in the day case setting. The GIRFT programme has recognised the importance of day surgery. The GIRFT general surgery report acknowledges there are opportunities to learn from centres where the use of day case surgery for less complex procedures is most common. Within the Anaesthetic and Perioperative medicine work stream GIRFT look at procedures from the BADS Directory of procedures which appear to have wide variations in successful day case rates. By tackling variations in the way services are delivered across the NHS, and by sharing best practice between trusts, GIRFT identifies changes that will help improve care and patient outcomes, as well as delivering efficiencies such as the reduction of unnecessary procedures and cost savings.

There will be an opportunity for discussion with the speakers, experts from BADS and participants from across the UK which will be of interest to those with medical and nursing backgrounds.


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Developing your Daycase General Surgery Service

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