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October 2017

BES Decon Theatres and Sterile Services Seminar Days

17-18 October 2017, Crowne Plaza Hotel, NEC, Birmingham

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BES Decon Theatres and Sterile Services Seminar Days

BES Decon is hosting the year’s most educational two-day seminar for Theatres and Sterile Services, on 17th and 18th October 2017, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, NEC, Birmingham. This special event will feature expert national and international speakers from within the industry.

Attendees can benefit from up-to-date expert advice on how to streamline both Theatres and Sterile Services, and how these departments can work together to solve major challenges, optimise patient safety, and avoid cancellations.

The Operating Theatres Seminar takes place on 17th October and will consist of the following:

Harmonising Theatres’ role with needs of budgets and patient safety

  • Planning for optimum outcomes in relation to the staff, patients, and more; plus how to get the funding right
  • Getting the equipment right and on time:
    • Equipment transportation
    • Equipment testing
    • Expectations of the SSD – challenges and solutions

The Sterile Services Seminar takes place on 18th October and will consist of the following:

Raising Standards - contributions from the SSD

  • New standards of processes in Sterile Services – looking at new standards that are starting to appear to cover processes, rather than equipment; progress on thinking around Independent Monitoring
  • Measures of cleanliness – covering the new 15883-5 cleaning standard
  • Latest requirements of sealers and pouches – the importance of existing standards and the changes being introduced
  • What should we expect of a plasma steriliser?
  • Track and Trace with a difference – along with looking at linking Sterile Services with broader hospital needs

The two day seminar event will be essential dates in the diary for both Operating Theatre Managers and SSD Managers looking to optimise their departments.


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BES Decon Theatres and Sterile Services Seminar Days

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