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Self-Retaining Surgical Retractors: Maximum Sustainable Force of Surgical Stays and Stay Hooks in Human Tissue, and the Usual Force Applied to Both During Surgery


Surgical Retractor systems are used by surgeons every day and have been considered as useful tools in hospitals for decades. Modern versions consist of a sterile disposable retractor ring and sterile elastic stays, positioned with cam locks for easier one-handed adjustments. New innovations have recently seen a sliding frame and the addition of surgical light guides attached to the frame. Despite the frequency of use, no formal studies and data exist on tension load capabilities or tension impact on human tissue.

This paper identifies the baseline requirement for retracting tissue during surgery, the common range of tension being used, and the upper maximum of load.

Keywords: Surgical retractors; Self-retaining ring retractors; Cadaveric testing; Force load; Patient safety.

Spang A | Volume 3; Issue 1 (2022) | Mapsci-JASR-3(1)-016 | Mini Review

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