The OTJ May 2023

Reducing Mortality in Emergency Surgery: Focussing minds through a national clinical audit in the NHS

Vall d’Hebron Achieves the First Fully Robotic Lung Transplant with a New Access Route

Majority of NHS Trusts Do Not Offer Training to Prevent Sexual Harassment, Study Finds

Handwashing During ‘normal times’ Can Reduce Burden of Respiratory Disease

The Surgical Education Checklist as a Tool to Improve Teaching Within the Operating Theatre

One-stage Hip Revisions Are as Good as 2-stage Surgery to Replace Infected Artificial Hips

Sciatica Surgery Pain Relief Benefits Short-lived

Meet Sharon, the Entry-level Decontamination Technician, with 20 Years’ Experience!

Competition: Win ONE of FOUR Sets of Common Anaesthetic Drugs Cards

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